Sampson Data-Pattern Index

Use the Index

If you would like to get access to a demo version of the index, please click on "Guest user" in left column.

Your Own Version of the Index

In order to use the system with a customized version of your own data, you will need to send your General Journal, Chart of Accounts, and opening balances. We will be glad to walk you through the process of putting your data into a format that our system can use. Send files to

We are CPA-owned and will not disclose to anyone except registered users of your firm.

Our system works in pure text so the reader can comprehend anything retrieved.

Data conversion and preparation

Our retrieval of complete journal entries can display the complete line and supports columnar searches. The Journal will be converted to a pure (rectangular) flat text file.

Charts of Accounts often differ among packages and firms. We expect to modify the chart to our internal operation. Once a chart is in our format, addition of new account numbers is automatic but you may be asked to enter captions for the new accounts and any caption changes. If you do not send adjusting entries, we will need new balances each year.

First-time users: If your computer people can produce a flat text file of the journal, that is preferred. Else, we will attempt the conversion and verify by e-mail or telephone. Charts of Accounts and opening balances (separately or in trial balance form) are welcome either in text or excel form.

Regular users: We plan to charge for conversion of journals. If you send quarterly or monthly journals, note that the index is always cumulative for the current year.

Long Account Numbers: Be careful of what you ask for. We can select specific columns and make a shorter, more generic, and usually more useful account number for search and comparison. Our maximum length is 30 characters. It is better for your firm to select the shorter number and attach it to the beginning of each journal line. If you want more than one organization of account numbers, each plan is a separate company/year.