Sampson Data-Pattern Index

About the Product

DPI introduces Matrix Accounting in its initial product

Double-Entry Accounting Journal Entry Index

Product offers immediate audit committee comfort
by providing a view of all members of a controlled group

Organizes and indexes

  • all general journal entries
  • of all accounting units
  • separately on one low-cost server


  • Two groups of adjacent account-sides, e.g., asset debits/maintenance credits
  • Two or more account-sides together (compound)
  • A block of accounts in one query
  • By accounts, range of accounts, debit or credit, frequency of identical entry, complexity of entry
  • Set searches to find unions, subtracts, [forthcoming] near-neighbor patterns using fully customizable master list, vocabulary
  • For round numbers indicating estimates


  • flows (transaction, cash, cost, investment), patterns, anomalies

Product also allows optional spreadsheet analysis and full retrieval of precise journal data when desired. Periodic transaction comparison capability is planned for future editions.

Currently, the program works with batches, but is designed for real-time with minor program changes.

Benefits to the Accounting Function

  • Powerful anti-fraud tool
  • Allows better judgments in audit

The Sampson Data-Pattern Index™ provides significantly increased search and analysis sophistication, while retaining present reporting methods.

Full journal entry summaries (with the "other ends")

Direct flow reports
  • Top-down analytic review of internal control
  • Tallies the patterns of entries for each account-side, as well as dollars and transaction counts for each pattern
  • Analyzes all units within a group (brother/sister, subsidiaries) at the same time

The Sampson Data-Pattern Index™ restores associative information intended with double-entry accounting processes, but lost with relational databases and SQL.

The same information, retained in transaction form, provides insight to those close to the situation.

Benefits to Clients/Companies

The Sampson Data-Pattern Index™ offers numerous advantages to internal and independent auditors, accountants, CPAs over other products.

  • Powerful anti-fraud tool that augments oversight responsibilities, SAS 99 fraud search compliance
  • Allows very large scope of audit, yet results in time, cost, and audit planning efficiencies
  • Clearly separates the repetitive from the unusual, thus identifying areas needing further scrutiny.
  • Increases relevancy of information to present operational and financial conditions, allowing precise and timely intervention where needed.
  • Offers significantly faster operation, reducing computer/personnel requirements.
  • Improves data management for more informed decision-making, increased profitability.

The Sampson Data-Pattern Index™ is an elegant solution to traditional accounting "blind-spots" and is simply packaged for those who know accounting better than they know computers.

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